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CV Multi Rempah Sulawesi

CV Multi Rempah Sulawesi (MRS) is a producer and exporter of high quality spices from the world’s renowned growing areas in Sulawesi, Moluccas and the neighbouring islands in Indonesia.

To meet the highest requirements in food standards, MRS works on the quality management with 5000 smallholder farmers, utilising over 4000 hectares. MRS provides technical assistance and trainings in environmental and climate change issues for a sustainable production.

MRS focuses on the environmental-friendly cultivation of organic products, certified according to the European Union’s (EU) Bio (Organic) standards and regulations. Additionally, products in conversion and controlled conventional areas are available.

To increase farmers income while the buyers profit of very competitive prices on quality product by implementing polyculture and permaculture concepts through direct collaboration with the farmers

The farmers also gain from fair prices and by diversified crop management: like nutmegs, cloves and cocoa trees, shaded by coconut palms.

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Currently, MRS supplies nutmegs, mace, cloves, and clove stems and newly produces white and black pepper, white and red ginger, and cashew nuts.

MRS exports its products in Japan, the Netherlands and Germany, and constantly expanding the market to other countries in Europe.