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PT Mega Inovasi Organik


PT Mega Inovasi Organik (MIO) is a cooperative company based in West Java, Indonesia, specializing in the production of organic coconut sugar. MOI work together with more than 1000 organic coconut farmers, covering an area of over 800 hectares of coconut plantation in Central Java, Indonesia

Their average coconut sugar production capacity reaches 70 MT per month. In the good season, this number can get as high as 100 MT per month.

In 2015 MIO start to produce organic virgin coconut oil for export. They also plan to produce more organic coconut products such as organic coconut water, organic coconut sugar syrup and coconut flour in the near future.

To develop an integrated organic farmland with our farmer partners, by producing more organic products that can increase their incomes and support the sustainability of the farms.

Every farmer in Organicfarmland has an average of 500 m² of organic land, that can be used to cultivate many organic products. Farmers can produce combined organic products such as coconut fruit, clove, pepper, ginger, turmeric, vanilla, and many more. This Polyculture concept increases local biodiversity, farmers’ income and helps them to live above the poverty line.

PT Mega Inovasi Organik (MIO) market their product under the brand Organic Farm Land for wholesale and Menoreh for retail (launch on November 2015).

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The Coconut Sugar from MIO is purely obtained from the nectar of the coconut flower. The sugar is not mixed with other palm sugars, thoroughly handmade and captivates with its low melting point.

It has a slightly taste of caramel and in most cases, it can replace the ordinary sugar 1 : 1.

Since it is not refined, it contains a number of nutrients compared to other sweetener.