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PT Global Sumatera Lestari

PT Global Sumatera Lestari (GSL) is founded in 2001 to set a fair trade and strengthen the network of the coffee farmers in Indonesia, by building a community which coffee is an avenue of solidarity and environmentalism.

GSL links up the coffee farmers from Tapanuli District in North Sumatera and Gayo District in Aceh, with the coffee producers, coffee specialists, coffee merchants, coffee lovers, and other relevant stakeholders, to broaden the distribution of their products.

GSL aims to revive the famous epigram of the Batak Tribe, "Kopi Sigarang Utang" (Coffee for paying the debt). Through the Coffee Farmer Cooperative of Tapanuli Lestari, GSL establishes a ‘Fair Trade Policy’ and shares its 10% net profit to the cooperative's current 1,143 farmer-members.

GSL produces and supplies special Arabica Coffee based on beans, which grow in an accurately defined area and meet the highest standards for green coffee.

The Coffee origins from the areas of
- Siborong-borong (North Sumatra)
- Lintong (North Sumatra)
- Mandheling (North Sumatra)
- Gayo (Aceh) - Organic Coffee (FTO)

Annually, the farmers are harvesting from March up to June and from September up to December.

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Our coffee is internationally recognized for its special quality and distinctive taste, used by the largest coffee chains worldwide.

GSL supplies the global market by distributing the following products to China, USA, and Europe:
- Green beans
- Roasted beans
- Powder/ground coffee
- Cascara/Coffee cherry tea